Hacked by Epl ElMatano

Hacked by Epl ElMatano

Welcome to BumbleToys.com

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If you happen to find our website, we must one way or another has the very same interest buried in our hearts....the love for toys paralleled to the love for our little ones..........come on in!

Bumbletoys.com is a little website set up by us; two devoted mothers who are so aware that toys is one of the main ingredient in moulding our little ones into the person that they will be in later life.....Our little website has a comprehensive range of toys made from wood, plastic, magnet... you name it. Rest assured that they have been tested by our little guinea pigs to gauge its effectiveness in being educational whilst creating fun.

Our main look out point in selecting toys to present to our lovely customers are, of course, safe followed by educational, then affordable and lastly fun.

Educational toys in our interpretation is that these toys must be able to trigger their thinking skills, motor skills and sharpen their senses for the least. Have fun browsing through our website and do come back often as we are always on the look out for the latest range of educational toys around. 

If you have doubts on how to order, read our guide here.

If you notice any problem with our website, please let us know here.